04 September 2020

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No Dancing at Your Wedding – No Problem!

Your wedding is a special day about you – a celebration of your love shared with family and friends and nothing will change that. So, adapting and finding fun solutions for you and your guests to enjoy themselves is the top priority. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Music – Entertainment and even Karaoke!

Dancing is a “no-no” at weddings at the moment so we highly recommend you choose a musician or DJ to manage your wedding music rather than use a play list. These experts can really set the tone for a participative event and create an interactive and enjoyable experience for everyone. Ensure you give them your music selections for the both the ceremony and reception if we at In The Grove aren’t managing your music for you. You’ll need at least the following:

  • Ceremony Music – making an entrance, signing the register and walking out as a married couple
  • Reception – entrance & introduction of the bridal party, cake cut, first dance (couple & their parents), bouquet toss

Keep the party going with a few funny stories about the couple and find some guests to participate in a Karaoke competition. This might be a good idea to organise beforehand so you know who will be singing.

 Photo Booth/Selfies/Photo Backdrop/hashtag#:

Lots of options here from setting up your own DIY themed station/s with a polaroid, some disposable props and maybe a few large photo frames for that fun shot. Add in a guest book for guests to leave their photos and we’ll have the hand sanitiser and antiseptic wipes handy!

Why not think about hiring in an expert Photo Booth company and let them worry about the Covid-safe plan. In The Grove is happy to work with professional companies that provide a staff member to manage the booth and use disposable props to keep guests safe.

Photo Booth

Guests love the opportunity to “strike a pose” and another fabulous idea we designed for a recent wedding was a beautifully lit photo backdrop. During the night the couple spent time having their photos taken with each of their guests, which made for a memorable evening.

And don’t forget the all-important Instagram hashtag #yourwedding so the guests can check out the fun pics the next day.


Photo Backdrop & Games

Let the Games Begin

Our giant lawn games are a big hit with both the little and big kids and are a regular part of most of our weddings. There’s giant chess, checkers, Jenga, Connect 4, bocce, skittles and croquet just to name a few. Games are a great way for people to get to know each other and a fantastic ice-breaker.

Remember the Shoe Game. Where the couple sit back to back and each has their own shoe plus one of their partners. The MC will have a prepared list of funny questions that are asked of the couple. Guests could also contribute to the list of questions to make it more interactive. The couple respond by holding up either their own shoe or that of their partner depending on their answer to the question. A few funny questions to get you started follow:

            Who has the better shower singing voice?

            Who snores the loudest?

            Who spends longer getting ready to go out?

            Who is more likely to leave dirty dishes in the sink?

            Who is more organised?

You could also consider games like…

Bride & Groom Trivia: at each guest’s seat leave a cute sheet with some trivia questions about the couple. These could be multiple choice, true/false questions or fill in the blank. Guests can fill these out at any time and later the MC can read off the answers. Whoever gets the most right at their table gets to take home the floral centrepiece.

 Picture Trivia Hunt: send guests on a digital scavenger hunt by creating a list of 20 wedding moments for them to capture with their phones e.g. newlyweds kissing, group selfie, here’s cheers etc. It’s a fun activity and you will end up with more pictures of your day. Don’t forget to use #yourwedding.

Giant Jenga Fun


Fireworks are exciting at the best of times so why not consider them as part of your wedding celebrations. We highly recommend Light ‘Em Up Fireworks to design your perfect display. 

Photography by Nina Maree

The Last Word from Ian & Sandy:

And finally, our advice is don’t cancel your wedding. The photos and videos of your special day won’t be affected and the excitement and enjoyment of being married won’t change. Couples that have held their wedding at In The Grove during Covid have had a fantastic time and really enjoyed their day. Trust us to take care of you and your guests and keep you all safe with our Industry Covid-Safe Plan and the special memory you will hold is that you enjoyed your wedding despite the virus!

A Review During Covid

Sandy Hatton

In The Grove

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