3 Tips to Plan for a Fabulous Wedding


11 August 2018

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3 Tips to Plan for a Fabulous Wedding

You have just announced your engagement ? and the first words on everyone’s lips will be “congratulations…when are you getting married?”


Tip 1 – Date & 3 Most Important Vendors
First things first – pick a date range that will work for you, then lock in your 3 most important vendors – celebrant, photographer and venue. Although you’ll need a vision of how you see your wedding coming together, so more about the vision in a moment.


Most couples we see at Weddings – In The Grove in Bundaberg are booking 1 year ahead to get their date, although we do see some up to 2 years out and on occasions 3-6 months ahead.


In our own experience, we were engaged in April but couldn’t get the family together until school holidays the following January, so our wedding was held then and shared with our nearest and dearest as this was the most important thing for us.


Your vision: How will you look dress/colour scheme/style; where will you be garden/church/beach – at home or a destination wedding; how will your reception look inside room/outside in the great outdoors and which season. Remember Pinterest can be your friend to help with lots of inspirational ideas and if you can’t pick a season it might help to read our blog on the best season to marry.


Boho Shower

Boho Shower


Tip 2 – Budget and Guest List
Choosing a date will often be decided by the budget you set. You may have financial assistance from your families or be tackling the wedding finances alone but have an idea of your budget before you make a start as it will affect the number of guests you are able to invite.


A funny story on how one of our couples chose their guest list. They held a BBQ and invited their family and friends. Those that turned up were invited to the wedding and those that didn’t…well their invitation is “still in the mail”. I laughingly said to them “but what if they had a good reason for not being able to attend your BBQ, would they still be on the guest list?” Thankfully the answer was YES.


First Dance

First Dance


Tip 3 – Other Vendors, Dress and Planning
It’s time to get organised with choosing your wedding party, invitations and other vendors like caterers, cars, music, floristry, beauty and the all-important dress shopping.


If you are organised the bulk of the arrangements can be completed in a short amount of time. However if you are super busy consider hiring a wedding planner or ask us at Weddings-In The Grove. We offer a free wedding planning service once you become a client.


Happy planning!

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