06 September 2015

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Driveway Tree with Old Fence

Front of the Driveway Tree with Old Fence

Even before the first of September, spring has been leaving her footprint in our garden. New bright green growth is everywhere; the humongous Chalice vine is in flower, roses are about to burst forth over the arbor and even our newly planted standard iceberg roses are threatening to bloom. We’ve introduced some beautiful new rustic seats into the garden and have been working hard mulching some of the larger front beds…’mulch aerobics’ to keep us fit! Driveway tree garden has had a major bromeliad overhaul and next week will see the pavers laid in white picket fence garden…completion at last. We’re also renovating our home so there is a steady stream of ‘tradies’ keeping us company. Just in time to welcome old friend Dale and his bride Erin as they will soon celebrate their wedding with us. Can’t wait 🙂

Front Garden with Rustic Seats

Front Garden with Rustic Seats Overlooking Macadamia Plantation

Driveway Tree Garden

Driveway Tree with Makeover

Chalice Vine

Chalice Vine

Paving about to start

Paving about to start on the white picket fence garden


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